Pimps Street is a massive, online, multiplayer text-based game. Here you are a pimp on a quest for money, power and respect. As a pimp, you must build up your networth by recruiting hoes to generate your income, and thugs to protect your crib.

That's just the beginning. To become the top dog, you will need to learn how to keep your hoes and thugs happy (by purchasing certain items, and avoiding certain events), take on the competition and strategically move up the ladder.

To get you started, let's go over some basic concepts:


1. Rounds

Pimps Street is broken down into Rounds. Rounds are where the actual gameplay takes place. To join a round, click on the "Join Rounds" link in your account or under the "Play Round" tab. You will be presented with a list of the current playable rounds. Choose a round and a city, then click "Play Round".

At the start of each round every pimp starts fresh on an even playing field (Same amount of turns, reserves, cash). Depending on the round type, there are certain ranks you must achieve in order to win. The winners of each round are awarded prizes:

  • Crew Rounds: In these rounds, your goal is to be part of or form the biggest crew, that is, the crew with the largest networth. The founder and top ranking member for the top-ranked crew receive prizes at the end of the round. For more on crews, click here.
  • Battle Rounds: In these rounds the objective is to be as brutal as possible. The winners of these rounds are the pimps that have killed the most thugs and hoes.
  • Other Rounds: In all other rounds your goal is to be the top-ranked pimp overall. Depending on the settings of the round, the top 1-10 ranked pimps are awarded prizes.

Each round has a certain amount of time that it runs. You have until the moment that the round ends to make it to the top, so play smart and play fast!

2. Turns & Reserves

Most actions in the game (scouting, attacking, producing drugs etc) require turns. Depending on the speed of the round you're in, you will receive a specified amount of turns every 10 minutes.

Each round has a Maximum Hold, which basically specifies how many turns you can hold onto at a given time. For example, if the Maximum Hold is 2,000, the round speed is 20 and you have 1990 turns, then you will only receive 10 turns on the next update because 2,000 is the round's Maximum Hold. This is called Maxing Out. To make the most of a round, make sure you use your turns before they Max Out!

At the start of each round you receive a certain amount of reserves. Reserves are basically turns, only they don't count towards your Maximum Hold until you convert them. If you run out of turns and need more in a hurry, you can convert your reserves into turns.

3. Credits & Premium Subscriptions

If you're looking for an advantage you can purchases credits and subscriptions.

Credits, like reserves, can be turned into extra turns when you need them and don't want to wait for the next update for more turns. However, unlike reserves, the amount of credits you can add is not only limited the round's Maximum Hold, but each round also has rules governing how many credits you can convert into turns every hour.

Premium Subscriptions, on the other hand, offer you an ongoing advantage during gameplay. Premium subscribers get 25% more turns every 10 minutes, are allowed 25% more outgoing attacks per hour (which also drops your attacks in/out 25% faster) and can hold 25% more turns during rounds. You also earn 2.5% interest on all funds in your bank account in rounds where interest is enabled.

You can find out how to purchase credits & subscriptions in the "credits & subscriptions" subpage of your account. Remember though, credits and subscriptions only give you an advantage, it's up to you to use it wisely!

4. Hoes, Thugs & Informants

These three types of people represent your entire force as a pimp. Each perform a different function, and you must keep them happy in order to keep them from leaving you or being stolen from you by other pimps:

  • Hoes: Hoes are where your income come from. Your hoes are always out there working it to bring in the money. You in turn use that money to hire new thugs, informants and to upgrade your weaponry and rides.

    To keep hoes happy you want to make sure you have a good stock of condoms, crack and medicine and to increase this stock as your hoes use them up (during turns, attacks, whoring etc) and as more hoes join your crew.

    You want to also make sure that your hoe's payout is set to a decent level. If your hoes aren't getting decent money for their work, they'll be pissed. Wouldn't you?
  • Thugs: Your thugs are your muscle and your hoes both love and need the protection provided by your thugs. Your thugs are the ones that peform your attacks and hold down your crew when under attack.

    Be sure to keep your thugs happy by making sure each of them has enough weapons and weed.
  • Informants: While they add to your networth, your informants are really only good for spying on your enemies. They can tell you how your opponents are living so you can plan your attacks accordingly.

    Additionally, if you have more informants than your enemy, they can help keep your secrets safe and prevent them from finding out how you yourself are living.

There you have it, the 3 points that make up the triangle of your force as a pimp. Be sure to keep a lot of each around and to keep them happy.

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