Privacy Policy

The following outlines the data Pimps Street collects and how it is used


When you register to play, we collect your email and IP addresses.

While playing the game, we also store your current IP address. We also store a unique identifier for your device to facilitate administration and send push notifications.

If you connect with Facebook, we also store a unique userid provided by Facebook.

If you make purchases within the game, we store information related to the transaction for our financial records and to assist in administering your account

In general, we store analytical data about application usage to better understand how to serve our players


We do not share personally identifiable informatnion with third parties. The information we collect from you is used in administration of the application and management of your account


To request deletion of your account and related data, please email


If you click on an ad or offer from a third-party advertiser, we may provide them a unique token that we use to identify your account to facilitate crediting of any premium currency your actions may yield

You may provide to and advertisers may collect personally identifiable information. This information will be handled under the Privacy Policies of the individual advertisers.